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At O.B. People's Organic Food Co-op, you're an owner! You can participate in decision-making at the Co-op by running for the Board of Directors or joining one of several committees. And as a Owner, your financial investment at every level works toward a better Co-op and a better community through the events we sponsor, the donations we give, the products we carry, and the local and small family farms and industries that we support.

Ownership is not required to shop at O.B. People's Organic Food Co-op, but a refundable ownership investment of $15 a year saves you from paying a 10% surcharge on your purchases. People's Co-op Owners and first-time visitors shop at the low, marked prices. For non-owners who shop more than once at the Co-op, a 10% surcharge is added at the registers.

Joining the Co-op
To become an owner of O.B. People's Organic Food Co-op, simply fill out an ownership application available at the Co-op registers. Turn in the application with your $15 annual investment and you are immediately entitled to all of the benefits of Co-op ownership.

Ownership Benefits
Ownership FAQ
How do I join?
Fill out an application at the Co-op registers and return it to any cashier with your yearly ownership investment of $15. Within a few weeks, an ownership card will be mailed to you. Your ownership is active for one year from date of joining.

Who can use my ownership?
The person who joins is the principle shareholder, the "owner" of the share. However, all owners of the household - spouse, family, roommates, etc. - are entitled to ownership benefits except for the voting privilege. It is only the principle shareholder who is entitled to vote in Co-op elections.

How do I get owner prices?
Please give the cashier your ownership card. Other household owners may also use your card. For convenience, extra cards are available for $1.00.

How do I keep my ownership active?
Keep your original ownership card. A reminder mailing with a renewal form and return envelope will be sent 1-3 weeks before your ownership lapses. You can also find out when your ownership lapses by asking a cashier.

Who is in charge of the Co-op?
An elected Board of Directors is responsible for the Co-op and oversees the general manager, who in turn supervises a staff of managers and employees. Owners are encouraged to vote, make comments by letter or suggestion form, attend monthly Board of Director meetings, and take part in the Annual Meeting, annual picnic and other Co-op events.

What if I stop shopping here?
If you do not invest $15 in your ownership annually, it becomes inactive. You may request a full refund of all ownership investments paid (see statement on Ownership Application)

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